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Editor, Shooter, Producer

Jess has been working in post production for several years now. Starting out as an assistant editor for Defy Media in Los Angeles, she worked her way up to being an editor at Vice Media in New York. Where she also became an integral part of the production process as a shooter and producer.

She then made her mark working with YouTuber, Andrew Rea and the Binging with Babish team. Jess worked on numerous shows in the Babish Culinary Universe as an editor, producer, shooter, and director. 

Now working as a freelancer, her main focus is editing, but brings her knowledge of producing, directing, and shooting to her work. Her aim is to be well rounded and work across multiple platforms and video formats. 

Her background as a professional dancer becomes immediately apparent in the delicate, expertly choreographed stories she weaves behind both the camera and the editing desk. 

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